Shining the Light on Addition Fluency
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Addition Facts

This addition fact chart shows that if we focus on 4 types of facts instead of teaching children their +1s, +2s, +3s, etc., they can master all the math facts based off the relationships to these four types of facts.  The dark shaded facts are the the four types of facts and the lighter shade of each color are the facts that are related to each of those.  Some facts have the rectangle a certain color and the text another color because those facts are one that children may relate to either of those colors.  The Orange Facts are the Doubles Facts.  The Green Facts are the Make a Ten Facts.  The Blue Facts are the 10 plus Something Facts.  The Purple Facts are the +0 Facts. So, if a child knows 6 + 4 (a Make a Ten Fact) AND has developed the Number Sense Relationships mentioned on the Fluency page, they will see and use the relationships they have constructed in their mind to help them determine 6 + 5.
Looking for a resource for some great activities and games to build number sense and children's fact fluency??  Well, check back or email us, we have a book coming out, Fall 2014, full of lessons which does just that.
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